K. Michelle Goes Off On Fan At Concert For Disrespectful Tweeting [Video]



Apparently K. Michelle’s Memphis mentality won’t let her be great.

During a recent concert the reality TV star noticed that a fan in the audience was bashing her performance on Twitter.

K. stopped the show to personally go off on the fan…

With phone in hand, K told the crowd:

“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.”

“I’ll snatch off my heels and take off my lacefront and whoop yo’ azz. So, if you gonna talk s–t with that wack a– side cut you got going on, you come down in my face.”

“I don’t play that bulls–t. I super don’t play that bulls–t. So wherever your punk azz is in the corner, bring your azz out here. I don’t do that, okay. I continue to have fun with everybody I love, but I don’t f–k with ratchet queens.”


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