Lifestyles Of The Rich And Intoxicated: Mariah Carey Gets A Makeover While Passed Out



By now it’s public knowledge that singer Mariah Carey is a total lush.

Unfortunately, the Grammy Award winning singer – may need a couple of rehab sessions as she was so smashed that her glam squad had to give her a full session while she was passed out drunk…

From Star Magazine:

When Mariah Carey’s been drinking, the singer’s stylists have gone beyond the call of duty.

“Mariah once got so drunk that her glam squad had to dress her and do her hair and make-up while she was passed out on her bathroom floor!” a source says.

“Her people lifted her on the couch, put her dress on and held her head up as they worked on her.” No doubt they made Mariah look beautiful – but they couldn’t pull off making her look sober!

Stay Tuned.