Are You Ready For A KimYe Baby? Kim Wants Marriage + Baby When Her Divorce Is Final



Are you ready for a KimYe baby?

You may not be, but it looks like it’s inevitable as  both Kim Kardashaian and Kanye West are telling friends they plan to get married and pregnant the moment Kim’s divorce is signed…

From NY Daily News:

The reality TV starlet, who has kept tabloids on their toes since she began dating boyfriend Kanye West, 35, earlier this year, isn’t fighting rumors that she and the rapper are looking to get more serious about their relationship – but insists it’s all a matter of timing.

“I feel more confident and more wise after this year,” Kardashian, 32, told Us Weekly of her present relationship. “It’s like you get to a place and you just know what you want.”

But despite rumors that West, 35, was going to pop the question during their European getaway late last month, however, the pair is reportedly waiting for Kardashian’s divorce from ex Kris Humphries to be finalized before moving forward in their relationship.

“Kim thinks they’ll get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final,” a friend of the couple told Us Weekly. “Kanye is actually being very patient.

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