Meek Mill Clarifies His Offer To Rap Battle Cassidy, Says He Will Only Battle “Popping” Artists



Meek Mill apparently has a strict criteria when it comes to rap battles as the MMG rapper has decided to clarify his offer to battle Cassidy – since it appears that his fellow Philly emcee is just not “popping” enough for him to compete with…

A few days ago, Meek Mill publicly announced that  he’d like to set up $100,000 battle rap competition. Some thought he was referring to himself versus Cassidy or Murda Mook – but apparently he was interested in seeing Cassidy versus Murda Mook.

In response to Meek’s offer, Cassidy called into Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 to discuss the prospect of battling, fellow Philly native Meek.

“Well, you know, that’s what I do, man. I mean, I’m cut from that cloth. I started off with battling so I’m into that but ever since I got a deal and started getting money up in this industry, it wasn’t really beneficial for me to battle especially with a bunch of those dudes that are battling all the time,” explained Cassidy.”I know I’ma bite they head off but it’s like, really, what am I going to get out of it?”

Cassidy explained that Meek’s status made the proposition a good one for Cass.

“Meek got that wave right now, he a household name, bigging him up — we definitely can get a nice crowd, get some crazy sponsors and get some chicken up. So it’ll be beneficial for me to do something like that.”

Listen to the interview below:

Unfortunately Meek didn’t see it that way as he states he is ONLY focused on doing battle raps with relevant artists.

“I’m not battling none of these n*ggas thats not popping! I’m popping some of these n*ggas gotta pay me 2 do dat!,” Meek tweeted November 3rd.

“Now I don’t wanna battle! Lol ima stick 2 making this fire y’all niggas talk too much!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

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