50 Cent Sued Over Sample, Claims Lawsuit Is Bogus Since Owner Has No Legal Rights To Song


50 Cent is currently being sued for a 1970s song he recently sampled, but claims – the lawsuit is bogus since the plaintiff doesn’t even OWN the song….


According to TMZ,  Robert Poindexter sued 50 … claiming the rapper stole his Persuaders song “Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out.”

Robert claims 50 used it on his track “Redrum,” which he released for free online.

Upon investigation, 50 says the suit is TOTAL B.S. and claims he never violated any copyright laws since Robert doesn’t even own the rights to the allegedly-stolen song because he signed them over to Warner Music Group awhile ago.

50 is asking a judge to dismiss the case ASAP. The judge has yet to rule.

Stay Tuned.