The Play-By-Play: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Start Online Beef On Twitter And Instagram



As reported by MSDTV, 50 Cent officially called it quits with Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team.

And in 50 Cent fashion, the rap mogul decided to add insult to injury by airing out his former partner’s dirty laundry which, as you can imagine – started all types of havoc online…

50 Cent took the first punches at Mayweather on twitter:

GAMBOA WANTS TO FIGHT FLOYD. I will put up a extra 20 million for the winner. He don’t like it that Floyd pulled out.

GAMBOA is the truth, FLOYD no that, stop tricking and Fight

I can’t hang out with Floyd no more,I’m tired of running from manny pacquiao 
I’m gonna make BIG FLOYD rich. Floyd stop spending your money on hoe’s man they don’t love you fool.SMSaudio
MONEY Floyd you know I have more MONEY then you.
Al Haymen got you on a Allowance, you go broke every fight stupid. SMSaudio
Mayweather responded to 50 with a slew of insults of his own, calling him a “male boxing groupie.” Topping off his barrage of disses, Mayweather attacked Fif’s career, saying that his relevance in the industry is dwindling and that the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake had taken his spot.

Wayne, Kanye, Ross and Drake are running the rap world.

Men lie.. women lie numbers don’t lie. Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye please help this boy

Stay Tuned.