Is Oprah Winfrey Forcing Her Step Mother Out Of Her Father’s House? [Video]



As reported by MSDTV, Oprah Winfrey’s father and step mother are going through a nasty divorce – and having some major disputes over money and property.

Now it seems that Oprah has officially stepped in to “handle” the situation and has decided to sell the house she bought for her father, forcing her step-mother completely out the picture…

Oprah Winfrey’s father Vernon Winfrey moved out of the 20 room Nashville mansion he shared with his wife for 10 years shortly after filing for divorce.

Vernon’s estranged wife Barbara chose to stay behind and is furious now that Oprah has decided to sell the house.

Barbara tellsĀ WSMV,

“Why should I be put out, other than the fact that you can do it? Because you’re a bully, and that’s what bullies do?”

Oprah offered to give Barabra a property in North Tennessee plus a Mercedes Benz she co-owned with Vernon, but Barb says that’s not good enough.

“My credit and reputation have been destroyed. It’s worth more than a home in north Nashville and a car that has 101,000 miles on it.”


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