Rihanna Announces Her 777 Tour, Invites Select Group To Travel The World With Her



Rihanna has major plans for her new album, Unapologetic, and upcoming tour.

Expected to be wowed. Well sort of…

The pop diva recently announced a $250 exclusive version of upcoming album “Unapologetic,” which will include a handwritten personal note, a custom-made white and silver Viewmaster with 3-D images, a T-shirt, a two gigabyte flash drive with Rihanna’s picture on it, seven art-print lithographs, seven laptop stickers, a poster, a 40 page book of notes and lyrics, a 20-mintue DVD, and a special-edition vinyl record featuring remixes of Rihanna’s hit single ‘Diamonds.’

Rihanna has revealed a new promo stunt for the album: The 777 Tour.

The singer will invite a handful of journalists, fans and friends along for a 7-stop, 7-country trip around the world, beginning Nov 14.

The “7” emphasis comes from “Unapologetic” being Rihanna’s seventh studio album, and the Boeing 777 plane being used to ferry the group around the globe.

“Unapologetic” arrives in stores on Nov. 19.

Stay Tuned.