Lauryn Hill Gets Booed For Her Rant On Haters During Concert In Dallas

According  to reports, Lauryn Hill received a lackluster response when she took the stage two hours late at a concert in Dallas, Texas…

She was wildly conducting the band, the sound engineer and, seemingly, the light guy. This wasn’t the image of a band playing a rehearsed song; this was a painter pulling color out of pots in real time.

“I can see some of you deciding to move or not move,” Hill said. “Deciding if I am sane, or not sane. I can see you deciding if you are still down with a free spirit like me. And I want you to know I get it. So you make the decision, but don’t be late.”

According to concert goers in Dallas while Nas showed up on time and did his thing Lauryn Hill didn’t take the stage until two hours after her start time and when she broke into a rant about her haters, fans booed and chanted ‘shut up and sing!’ 
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