Bills, Bills, Bills: Sean Garrett Defaults On His 100K Amex Bill + Owes 1 Million In Taxes


Sean Garret may be a super producer, but he’s not so SUPER at paying his bills.

According to reports, Garrett has been ordered to pay over $108,084 to Amex for defaulting on payments…

From TMZ:

Amex sued Garrett  claiming he never paid off the hefty tab on his card. 

Amex filed a motion for default judgment last month — because Garrett didn’t respond to the lawsuit — and the judge ruled in Amex’s favor.

Unfortunately for Amex, Garrett has a ton of other financial woes — the State of Georgia filed a tax lien against him earlier this year, claiming he owes over $1 MILLION in back taxes for the years 2006, 2007, and 2010.


Garrett claims the AMEX bill was the result of identity theft.

Stay Tuned.