CBS News Takes On Tameka’s Cause, Plans To Investigate Judge In Child Custody Case [Video]


With the latest personal and financial turmoil that Tameka Raymond has been under, one news station has decided to take up her cause for justice.
CBS News in Atlanta will be investigating Tameka’s case as to whether or not the judge in her child custody battle was influenced by campaign contributions from Usher’s team…

According to reports, the judge in Usher and Tameka Raymond’s child custody case, Judge Tipton-Lane, along with one other judge is now the focus of an investigation launched by CBS after a noticeable pattern of favorable judgments for campaign contributors was uncovered.
CBS reports:

Joanna Shepherd Bailey, a professor for Emory University School of Law, said money does influence judicial outcomes.

Shepherd Bailey conducted an extensive study of more than 21,000 State Supreme Court cases and found a strong correlation between judicial campaign contributions and judges’ decisions.

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