Trouble In Paradise: Has Kanye West Lost Interest In Kim K. Because Of Her Declining Popularity? [Rumor]



According to the rumor-mill, this may be the beginning of the end for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian…

The Gossip Jacker reports:

Hot steaming tea! There’s trouble in the Kimye paradise as Kanye suddenly finds Kim to be boring in bed, fat and not as “posh” as Amber used to be next to him. It’s no secret that Kanye is Bi but being a big fan of Victoria Beckham’s style, he wants his women to have that little something, which Kim cruelly lacks, outside of the U.S that is. The european fashion world, considers Kim K to be primitive and classless. Karl Lagerfeld, whom Ye’ looks up to, despises Kim K and calls her “Kartoffelssack” (Bag of potatoes) Word on the street is that Ye’ is having a second thought about this whole “KimYe” brand and is already on the search for his next muse.

The Jenner Pimp isn’t sleeping and knows that what was supposed to be a publicity stunt turned out to be Kim K’s last chance and sustainable perspective for ‘eternal’ fame. So she is trying her darndest to make the word believe that the wedding bells might ring soon for Kim and Kanye. She wants Kim to get pregnant, and that woman even want Kim first child to be named ‘Ivy Purple’ SMH the things she would do for attention.

Ivy Purple yes you read it right. Ivy Purple. My informant works at their home so I know she is not lying because all the tea she has spilled has always been confirmed by the press days later. Kris doen’t like Beyonce because Solange and her made her know that that “they are not here for that” Beyonce turned down her invitations to have dinner and politely accepting her gifts just to give them away minutes later. She finds Bey to be arrogant which is not true of course. When you reach a certain level of celebrity it is hard to find friends who like you your who you are and that’s Beyonce’s problem but she is nothing near arrogant.

Well the thing is Kanyy initially wanted a child but after the news broke that Reggie was gon’ be a father, Kim K started pressuring him and he wasn’t having that AT ALL! Now he has just lost interest in Kim. She is just good for cute ass photo op’s but that’s it.

Kim does not want to have a child by herself but is thinking of hiring a surrogate in Puerto Rico.

You have to be very mad to think that Kris Jenner is a normal person. She really thinks her family are america’s new Kennedys. She already as” plans ” for Mason and Penelope and has everything figured out.

Kris has been trying for so long to get Kim to hang with G.Paltrow, Beyonce and C.Martin but it never worked. She is really thinking about getting Kim to name her surrogate baby daughter IVY PURPLE. Ivy because it’s Bey and Jay’s baby name and Purple because Ye’ loves this color. According to my tea spiller, Kim is not too impressed with the idea as Kanye is planning to leave her out in the cold, she does not want to initiate a conflict between him and Jay.

Stay Tuned.