Tea Time: The Jackson Family Secrets Revealed In New MJ Biography – “Untouchable”


Just when you thought the Jackson family drama couldn’t get any messier, Vanity Fair gives you a glimpse of the Jackson family dirty laundry in the MJ biography, Untouchable

Eurweb.com reports:

The latest bit of their soap opera picks right back up from the money issues and the Katherine Jackson ‘kidnapping.’

Allegedly, the ridiculousness was a plot, devised by Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, and Randy, in order to show the court that grandma is not good enough to be a guardian. And it worked. The guardianship was awarded to TJ Jackson.

Now the family’s dirty little secrets are compiled in a book, “Untouchable,” which appears in an excerpt of “Vanity Fair.”

From the bag of money snatched from Michael’s home shortly after his death; to the King of Pop’s will, the book looks pretty juicy.

A few more drops of tea via VanityFair.com:

Michael Jackson’s burial was delayed due to wrangling between Janet Jackson and her brother’s estate, a detail revealed in a November Vanity Fair–exclusive excerpt of Untouchable, Randall Sullivan’s Michael Jackon’s biography, which will be published next month. According to Sullivan, Janet put up the $49,000* deposit at Forest Lawn to secure a spot for Michael but refused to let the funeral take place until the money was repaid.

Stay Tuned.