Must See Or Strait To DVD? Iron Man 3 Releases Official Trailer [Video]




The latest installment in the “Iron Man” series has just hit the internet.

Of course, MSDTV has the official trailer from the upcoming “Iron Man 3” movie – coming in theaters in April 2013…

Here’s a quick summary to help get you back on track:

After the events that occurred in New York City in “The Avengers,” Tony hasn’t been the same. Everything in his life has yet to return to normal as well. In this installment of the comic series, Tony Stark is trying to get his life back to normal, but evildoers won’t allow him to.

Enter Sir Ben Kingsley who plays an Asian villain. He intends to hurt Iron Man by inflicting pain on the one thing he loves–Virginia Pepper Potts. Check out the trailer as Tony Stark fight for his love, his country, and his sanity.

“Iron Man 3″ will be in theaters in April of 2013.

Stay Tuned.