Did Chris Brown Hire Karrueche Tran For Some “Personal” Work? [Rumor]

Chris Brown may have broken it off with Karrueche Tran for the time being – but this master manipulator has figured out how to keep his ex around….
Hip Hollywood reports that Chris hired Karrueche to style him for his latest photoshoot.

According to the source, Chris and Karrueche are not necessarily back togetherL

”H*ll no, they’re not together. He with Rihanna and ain’t creeping with K.T. She needed a favor and he did it for her, plus she needed to be escorted around his house to get the rest of her s**t out his place. Ain’t no funny business between them. He just helped her out one time with something and she needed to get her s**t. No big deal.”

“Chris wasn’t around this weekend to let her get her things, so she did so today. It does hurt her a bit to see him and I’m sure no matter what anyone says there are still feelings on both their parts. But anyway, he’s a dog and hopefully this is her last time around his a**.”

 Stay Tuned.