Is Reggie Bush Laughing At The Relationship Between Kanye West And Kim Kardashian? [Rumor]


According to insiders, Reggie Bush finds it hilarious that Kanye West is so worked up about his past relationship with his ex, Kim Kardashian…

Urban Belle Mag reports:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship took another embarrassing hit when Kanye went after a pap for asking Kim about Reggie Bush after they were leaving a restaurant.

Even though Reggie Bush has said nothing publicly about Kanye’s erratic response to the pap’s question about him and his girlfriend to Kim Kardashian, according to some of our PR sources, Reggie and Lilit find the whole thing absolutely hilarious.

When he got word of Kanye’s nasty run in with the paps, all he and his girlfriend could do is laugh.

Stay Tuned.