Richard Pryor’s Wife Says Eddie Murphy Lacks Authenticity; Says He’s Not Worthy To Play Her Husband

Richard Pryor’s wife Jennifer isn’t too keen on just any black comedian playing her husband in a movie – especially if they happen to be Eddie Murphy…
When talk about a Richard Pryor biopic came up not too long ago, Mike Epps was said to be in the running to play the legendary comedian.
Unfortunately, he was publicly turned down by Richard Pryor’s wife Jennifer – who didn’t feel Epps was qualified enough to play her husband.

Now it looks like Jennifer has had a change of heart about Mike as he says he has received her blessing in playing Richard in the upcoming Nina Simone bio-pic.

While Mike may be in her good graces, Eddie Murphy is apparently still on Jennifer’s hit list.

Jennifer Pryor tells¬†TMZ¬†that she’s ok with Mike playing Richard, as long as it’s not Eddie Murphy:

“Having Eddie Murphy play Richard Pryor would be like having Al Jolson play Malcolm X.”

“He would want someone authentic like himself.”

Eddie Murphy is said to have once confided to Spike Lee, “Richard doesn’t like me.”

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