Did Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chelsea Handler & Cameron Diaz Diss Kim K. At A Private Party [Rumor]



The Hollywood shade is real folks.

And Kim Kardashian is apparently the BUTT of every joke…

The GossipJacker.com reports:

So gwens bday party was a few days ago in NYC, a bunch of her celeb friends came through, including Bey.. Well into the night, Chelsea Handler asks Beyonce why Jay z didn’t come, this was the day after the Barclay concert, and he was in town. Beyonce said his schedule was jam packed, yada, yada, so Helsea said hey Gwen why isn’t Kanye here (kanye adores Gwen, in that shes that pure bred fashion white girl icon) so she goes “oh he couldn’t make it, but anyhow he would probably bring his plus one” she makes a funny face and Gwen, Beyonce, Chelsea, Cameron Diaz all laugh. Gwen says “yeah I love him..but NO”

Stay Tuned.