Deion Sanders Says His Ex, Pilar Is Crying Broke; Alleges Children Are Being Abused


As reported by MSDTV, Pilar Sanders claimed she was forced out of her home after the utilities were shut off because her ex, Deion Sanders refused to pay his court ordered child support.

Deion has heard the claims and says “Pilar is crying broke” and he knows the REAL reason she moved out of her house…

Deion tells Rumor Fix:

“It’s a lie as usual. I have all my records of every child support payment.”

”She’s crying broke — staying at the Westin in Frisco [Texas] ordering room service for four people three times a day. Go figure. She left her mother’s home which she claims no utilities. But you leave your mother and sister there? Her sister abused my kids three weeks ago. Police kicked her door [and because of a] court order, she can’t be around my kids and that’s when Pilar left to the Westin. This all is True from the horse.”

And today, Baller Alert explains the rest of the puzzle:

“Currently Pilar and the kids are staying at the Westin Hotel Stonebriar (Frisco, TX area) however it’s not due to unpaid bills. It’s because her sister ABUSED one of Pilar’s kids and Pilar doesnt want to kick her sister out. Police were called to the home and the door was kicked in and everything. But she was prolly at some BigLife (Pilar’s company) meeting or pointless photoshoot when it all happened.”

“The house I’m mentioning is in Celina, TX where Pilar, Kandie (her sister), Pilar’s mom and the kids live. The house is basically Pilar’s, it’s in her name. While Pilar is busy screaming that they have no lights in the house her mother and her abusive sister are surely staying there right now. The “no lights” story was a lie leaked by Pilar’s crazy publicist Kali Bowyer, the same woman who claimed Chris Rock fathered her child. She’s been to jail for other crazy stuff in the past.”

Stay Tuned.