Keyshia Cole’s Sister, Neffie Explains Why She Refused To Attend Her Sister’s Wedding



A few months ago Keyshia Cole revealed that her sister Neffie would not be appearing on her new reality show ‘Family First’.

Well Neffie is now explaining why she’s not on the show – and why she didn’t attend her sister’s wedding to Boobie Gibson in Hawaii…

Neffie tells Bossip 

“I didn’t go to the wedding because I wasn’t properly invited. I’m just being honest. I love my sister, I love my mom, I love my family but I was not properly invited to the wedding. First of all, they didn’t get married in Hawaii, they got married in Vegas. I wasn’t invited to the actual wedding ceremony in Vegas. I was invited to the wedding/taping in Hawaii and I felt like if I wasn’t invited to the first one, why should I go to a ceremony that you’re taping in Hawaii?”

“I got a phone call two days before the wedding and only myself and my two daughters were invited. My husband and my five children were not invited. I got a phone call two days before it was time to film and I could not just get up and hop on a plane and go to a wedding ceremony. That was craziness to me.”

“If anything I would have preferred to be at the particular time that you actually got married and I didn’t hear about that until it hit the media. I woke up and everybody was calling me like, ‘Oh my God congratulations your sister got married,’ and I’m like huh? Like there was a big question mark over my head.”

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