Barbara Walters And Whoopi Goldberg Come To Stacey Dash’s Defense After Her Romney Endorsement [Video]



Stacey Dash’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney caused much commotion in the social network and online world.

Now the “Clueless” actress is finally getting some support after she was put on blast and left for dead online…

On Wednesday’s “The View,” the ladies discussed Dash’s endorsement and argued that if Stacey was white, she wouldn’t have endured such a negative response.

Whoopi Goldberg offered her thoughts:

“In America, where we all live,” Goldberg said, “we have the right to say, ‘Listen, I have a different opinion’ — without having some bonehead sitting in their house talking about, ‘You should be thinking like I think.’ No! That’s not America.”

“It’s because people have gotten so solidified in left and right that they’ve forgotten that there is a middle,” Goldberg argued. “I don’t know that it’s about race because what I’ve discovered on Twitter is that not everybody who says they are what they are, is what they are.”

Barbara asserted that Stacey is getting such a hassle over her political stance because she’s black and that black people feel betrayed.

Check out the video below:


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