Wyclef Jean Shuts Down Yele Haiti Foundation; NY Attorney General Investigates Charity For Misappropriation


Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity has officially been shut down and is currently under investigation by the New York attorney general’s office for mismanagement of funds…

According to reports, a forensic audit by the attorney general turned up a misappropriation of funds including $600,000 spent on the Yele Haiti headquarters [which have been abandoned], $300,000 on landscaping and $400,000 on food and beverages.

Another $259,580 in payments were made to Wyclef and other Yele board members, $24,000 was spent on chauffeur services for Wylcef and $30,000 spent on a private jet for Lindsay Lohan to attend a benefit that raised only $60,000.00.

In addition, there has been hundreds of thousands of dollars that have gone missing.

Wyclef offers his statement via his Facebook page.

According to Jean’s spokesperson Melanie A. Bonvicino, ” At present my client Wyclef Jean and his legal team are working “assiduously” to resolve any pending issues with respect to Yele prior to its closing, as Mr. Jean continues his tireless commitment to his “beloved” country by remaining steadfast in his efforts to encourage the global community to join him in supporting ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.

“Wyclef Jean helped pay for the independent audit of Yele because of his commitment to both the organization and the people of Haiti, and while most of its findings to do not in any way relate to him he is nevertheless committed to ensuring that things are made right,” according to Mr. Jean’s attorney, Avi Schick.

As of today, Yele Haiti raised more than $3 million dollars.

Stay Tuned.