Aaliyah Biopic Put On Hold, 16-Track Album Will Still Be Released



It looks like Aaliyah fans will have to wait a little longer for the singer’s biopic to emerge.

And while her life story is still yet to be on the big screen – new music from the singer is reported to still on schedule for an upcoming release.

According to reports and an interview with That Grape Juice, the family has yet to approve the production of the film, but the controversial 16-track album is still a go.

Blackground Records CEO Barry Hankerson explains:

“The Aaliyah Biopic is currently on hold until the Haughton family agrees to go forward with it. Before the controversy Warner (who would fund the movie) wanted Keshia Chante to play the lead role, and Aaliyah friends play themselves. We can’t go forward until Aaliyah’s family agrees to let us. We’ve always been sympathetic to Aaliyah’s mourning, and we’ll always love the graceful and angelic girl she was to the Haughton family. To us, she’ll always be ‘baby girl’.”

He also mentioned the backlash from the album was expected, but the project is necessary to introduce Aaliyah to a new generation.

“We never wanted the bad press that’s come with the album. The family might of made statements about us not supporting their daughter but the fan support and peaceful intent behind it is the reason we’ve decided to go forth with it.”

Stay Tuned.