Oprah Winfrey Is Not Surprised That Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Back Together



Oprah Winfrey may have condemned singer Chris Brown on her show for beating pop star Rihanna some years ago, but it seems that all is now forgotten as the media mogul is apparently -“not surprised” that the two have made up…

The UrbanDaily Reports:

When approached by a reporter for the television show Extra about rumors of a rekindled romance between the two young R&B stars, Oprah seemed stunned. “I don’t know that that’s true, but no I’m not surprised”.

Winfrey went on to say that during their interview Rihanna was in the “space of forgiveness”. Winfrey ended her endorsement by stating if Rihanna is prepared to “help (Brown) help himself then so be it”.

Stay Tuned.