Dwayne Wade’s Ex Wife Plans To Keep On Fighting For Custody Of Their Children

Last year, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade won full custody of his two sons from ex wife Siovaugh Funches-Wade.
Siovaughn explains why the fight is still not over…

“I love them very, very much and I am doing everything, everything I possibly can,” Funches-Wade says. “I’m using every dime that i have and fighting in every way I know how to fight. I will not give up.”

After her recent arrest for allegedly not turning over her children on time after a visit, a judge restricted her visitation. Funches-Wade says her first scheduled visit didn’t even happen.

She says her second visit was cut short because a judge allowed wade to take the kids to the London Olympics.

“Their job is not to facilitate an image — it’s to be loved by their dad,” she says. “I am being their voice when they can’t speak for themselves, and I’m going to continue to do that.”

Siovaughn sits down with Chicago CBS Local for an interview tonight.