Is Janet Jackson Becoming A Muslim For Her Billionaire Boyfriend, Wissam al Mana? [Rumor]


As reported by MSDTV, Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend Wissam al Mana are allegedly planning an extravagant wedding for early next year.

While that is in the works, Janet who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, may be converting to Islam to please her billionaire beau…

The National Enquirer reports:

“The lifestyle that Janet has with Wissam is a far cry from the celebrity culture that she’s accustomed to, where she was idolized and was seen as a powerful woman,” noted the source.

“Right now, Janet is living a double life. While in the United States and Europe, she still plucks her eyebrows and wears hair extensions. But when she’s visiting Wissam’s family in the Middle East, she doesn’t put on makeup or hair extensions, and she wears traditional Muslim clothing.

“It seems as if Janet has lost all sense of her old self. She is madly in love with Wissam, and willing to do almost anything to make him happy.”

Stay Tuned.