The Reintroduction: T-Boz Gets New Reality Show On TLC

Singer T-Boz is making a musical comeback – and the former TLC member wants it documented.
Of course, the network of choice happens to have a familiar name…

According to TMZ, T- Boz is getting a new reality show that will air on the TLC channel and focus around T-Boz as she tries to restart her singing career.

The show will feature T-Boz, her daughter, her brother, her cousins and her friends.

This all comes after the 42 – year old single mom has been recovering from the life-threatening brain tumor she was diagnosed with in 2006.

After the brain tumor was removed, T-Boz had to relearn how to walk and talk.

TLC has ordered 4 episodes of “Totally T-Boz” which is currently filming in Atlanta and will air sometime in 2013.

Stay Tuned.