Lil Wayne Made Sure His Guests Had Everything They Needed In Sex Room At His Birthday Party


Lil Wayne made sure to celebrate his 30th birthday in style.

RumorFix is reporting that Lil Wayne, who turned 30 on Thursday, threw himself a lavish birthday party in a formerly empty Hollywood building.

Supposedly the rapper spent $180,000 on fixing the empty building up and turning it into a club for his one night extravaganza. The club was complete with a swimming pool, which had a constant flow of ladies, and a “sex room,” which had condoms, lube, and Tang.

The party was allegedly called “Project XXX”. This may explain why the party planner made sure there were enough scantily-clad ladies to add to the overall vibe.

A number of celebrities attended the party including Chris Brown, Cee Lo Green, Nelly, Game, Paris Hilton and Sean Kingston.

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