Is Katherine Jackson Getting Out Of Her Marriage? [Rumor]


Has Katherine Jackson finally had enough of Joe Jackson?

It was just a few weeks ago that rumors were going around that the matriarch of the Jackson family had cut Joe Jackson off financially. Now insiders have revealed that she has had enough of Joe’s womanizing ways and wants out of the marriage.

According to The Globe, Katherine was devastated by Joe’s latest affair with a much younger woman and has finally decided to divorce him.

Insiders told the Globe:

“She’s done…This latest episode pushed her over the edge. Joe’s been unfaithful countless times in the past, but this latest affair is just a slap in her face.”

“Micheal’s children mean more to her that anything else and she feels that if she’s still married and she dies before him, Joe would try to take control of money that should belong to Michael’s kids.”

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