Was Chris Brown Getting Up Close And Personal With A Former Pussycat Doll? [Photos]


Was the music loud or are photos circulating with Chris Brown and a former Pussycat Doll showing a new romance?

 Rumors are flying after photos were released showing singer Chris Brown and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger getting awfully close at a L.A. nightclub on Tuesday.

The photos show Brown and Scherzinger leaning close together while they were out at Supperclub. In one photo, it appears as though Brown is leaning in for a kiss and Scherzinger looks ready and willing to accept it.

X17online.com reported that an eyewitness saw the two kissing on the dance floor, but Scherzinger’s rep told TMZ that no such thing occurred. Instead, they were talking closely due to the loud music.

The rep states:

“The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club…I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing.”

Stay Tuned.