It Is Jail For Stevie Wonder’s Blackmailers


Stevie Wonder’s blackmailers probably weren’t thinking they’d end up in jail when they hatched their plan earlier this year.

In May, Alpha Walker was arrested for trying to blackmail Stevie Wonder. Walker claimed to be the singer’s nephew and then threatened to go public with claims of incest. In return for his silence, he wanted Stevie Wonder to give him millions of dollars.

The truth is Walker isn’t related to Wonder and was lying about the incest claims.

Walker pleaded no-contest to the extortion charges and was sentenced to 292 days time served. His partner, Tamara Diaz, was also sentenced to time served after pleading no-contest.

In addition, Walker and Diaz received 3 years probation and are ordered to stay away from the family and co-workers of Stevie Wonder, as well as the singer himself.

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