Back On Track: Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Deny Break-Up Rumors



As reported by MSDTV, rumors were circulating that Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan were on the verge of breaking up because Michael was upset about Nicole appearing in a sexually suggestive music video.

The couple must have had their fill of the gossipers as they are speaking out on their relationship saying “it’s all GOOD”…

According to The YBF, the rumored split was the result of inappropriate text messages Nicole received from new music artist London Taylor, the same singer whose video Nicole recently starred in. The texts were so troubling that an argument resulted and Michael asked for a break in the relationship.

The alleged argument happened on Sunday and the two haven’t spoken a word to one another since.

Well, apparently Nicole and Mike didn’t get the memo on what was going on in their relationship — as the two tweeted in confusion. reports:

Nicole Murphy seemed as shocked as her fans when she heard about rumors that she and fiancé Michael Strahan had split.

“Wow! That’s insane!” tweeted Nicole after she learned about the gossip.

Michael tweeted, “who split?”

 Stay Tuned.