50 Cent Hires Private Investigator To Look Into Chris Lighty’s Death [Video]



The apparent suicide of famed music and management executive, Chris Lighty has been raising many eyebrows in the hip-hop community.

So much so that 50 Cent has hired a private investigator to investigate Chris Lighty’s death – on behalf of Lighty’s mother who is seeking closure.

As reported by MSDTV, Lighty died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

But according to reports, Lighty’s industry friends, family and even his mother isn’t buying it. So at the request of Lighty’s mother, 50 hired a private investigator to hopefully help close that chapter in their lives.

According to MyFoxNY, Chris Lighty had a will in which his wife inherited everything except a $1.6 million trust fund left for his kids. The will was drafted in 2007.

Check out 50 Cent’s interview below on the subject.
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