Diddy Agrees To Pay 850K In Damages For Infamous 1999 Nightclub Shooting



Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is about to paid some major dividends.

While his relationship with Jennifer Lopez may seem like forever and a day ago, the music mogul is only now paying up for the infamous nightclub shooting they both were involved in…

Recently released court documents reveal that Diddy paid $850,000 to settle lawsuits surrounding the 1999 club shooting. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, and rapper Shyne Barrow were invovled in an altercation in a New York City nightclub with Matthew ‘Scar’ Allen back in December 1999. JLo and Diddy were cleared, but Barrow served almost 10 years in prison for several gun charges.Still, Diddy had to pay up. The $850,000 was for a multi-million dollar settlement, which is to be paid to the innocent bystanders of the altercation.

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