50 Shades Of Mitt Romney: Presidential Candidate Goes ‘Brownface’ for Univision Fundraiser [Photos]



When Romney told supporters that “it would be helpful to be Latino” at a fundraiser in May, was he also revealing a campaign strategy?

It seems Romney may be trying to connect to his family’s Mexican past.

The former Massachusetts governor and current presidential nominee attended a “Meet the Candidates” forum hosted by Univision on September 19th. When he stepped out on stage, many noticed that he looked rather tan.

The blog Democratic Underground appears to have noticed it first–that Romney appeared to have gotten darker in just a day’s time.The photo above is from September 17th. Below is the photo from the forum:

The question remains: Did Romney use “brownface” to try to connect with Latinos? He is, after all, trailing President Obama by nearly 40% among registered Latino voters.

Stay tuned.