No Regrets: Rapper Shyne Says He Saved Lives By Shooting At The Club With Diddy [Audio]


Shyne Po has absolutely no regrets that night he decided to let his gun go off in a club  some 13 years ago.
Although his actions led him to serve nine years behind bars, the former rapper insists he did what he had to do – and would kindly do it all over again…

Shyne tells WGIV about the club shooting in 1999:

“I wasn’t thugging and bugging that night, you dig.”

“I was actually the best behaved because I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. You dig? But I’m from the streets so when it’s time for my hammer to go off, it goes off.”

“Somebody was getting ready to pop ol’ boy’s head off. It might not have been no Jennifer Lopez movies or none of that if I didn’t pull my ratchet and squeeze off.”

“I saved all of our lives.”

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