Wyclef Jean Airs His Dirty Laundry, Says He Was Having An Affair With His Manager As Well



With the release of his new book, Purpose, singer Wyclef Jean has been spilling the entire tea set about his life and personal affairs.

According to reports, Wyclef’s affair with Lauryn Hill was just the beginning as the Fugee member is now coming clean about his affair with his manager – Lisa Ellis – even though he denied it to his wife during the time it happened…

Rumor has it, Clef had gotten caught by his wife Claudinette who found naked pictures of Wyclef’s manager, Lisa Ellis, on his cell phone.

Also, Lisa was fired shortly thereafter, she had claimed there was nothing going on between herself and Clef and that the pictures were from an art book that were being taken out of context.

Well, Wyclef is now saying it was ALL true.

Page Six reports:

In his new book, “Purpose,” Jean writes of the scandal: “In those years after my father died, like I said, I made many mistakes. The worst of them was to get into a relationship with the woman who was my manager at the time . . . My former manager claimed that the picture was a nude shot taken by a photographer for a book of artistic portraits. I’m pretty sure that book never came out, but I wasn’t going to throw her under the bus publicly, so I didn’t say anything more about it.” Jean also said he didn’t fire Ellis as his manager because his wife, Claudinette, made him. “I did so because of a few bad business decisions on her part, and I also didn’t agree with her management style. Even if those two issues hadn’t been there, my mixing business with pleasure was miserable. Firing her as my manager was the only thing I could do after crossing those lines, because business could not go on as usual between us any longer.”

Stay Tuned.