Is Halle Berry On The Verge Of An Emotional Break Down? Friends Says She’s Near The Edge [Rumor]

Halle Berry’s recent custody battle with her ex over her daughter’s move to France – has friends saying the actress is slowing losing a grip on reality.
According to insider reports – if Halle doesn’t get out of Hollywood soon – she may go over the edge…

“Halle is paranoid and her nerves are as frayed as I’ve ever seen them,” revealed a pal. “She fears every camera flash that goes off in her face and sincerely believes she or her daughter is going to come to serious harm if the two remain in Los Angeles.

“Friends are worried she’s going to fall off the edge.”

“If a judge blocks her move to France, we all fear the worst. It could send her spiraling further downward. “If she can’t find some peace, Halle is in danger of an emotional collapse.”

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