Rohan Marley Clears Up The Rumors About Lauryn Hill’s Unusual Spiritual Guidance & Why It Broke Them Up



In Rohan Marley’s interview with British newspaper The Voice, Rohan gives a detailed account of what exactly happened between him  and Lauryn Hill and how Lauryn’s spiritual advisor brainwashed the Fugee singer…

Miss  Bernie J explains:

On rumours that he abandoned Lauryn for Isabeli while she was heavily pregnant (though it later surfaced he was not the father of her unborn child):

“I really don’t care what they say about me. It’s only when the person [Hill] in question says anything about me that I really care. Other people just speculate. They don’t really know the truth.”

On a religious third-party causing their relationship to end:

“People have long been fabricating stories about the relationship. One story that came was that I got her assistant pregnant- false. Then, she [Hill] started doing bible studies with this guy and became very secluded from the world because of her studies. But people sad that the seclusion was my fault and that wasn’t the case. I didn’t agree with what the [Bible Studies] guy was saying and you can’t live under the same roof [as your partner] if she’s taking talk from someone else.

“Like my father said’ I’d rather live on the house top than live in a house of confusion.’ That was it. I believe that when I’m with a woman, it should be me and her. Don’t bring a third party into it- that can’t work for me. No-one knows what we do in the bedroom, no-one knows why we argued today or why we smiled today.

“Nobody knows the ins and outs of another person’s relationship so I don’t want any third party in my relationship. Ultimately, we grew apart because of our different interpretations of how life should be.”

On wanting to marry the singer:

“When I was with Lauryn, I wanted to marry her but she just wasn’t ready at the time. I want to be in a relationship where we’re both confident at what we have; I love you and you love me too. But [marriage] wasn’t what she wanted. I called her my queen; my spiritual wife. So people assumed we were married.”

On their current relationship:

“[It] is good as in… in terms of being a mother and father to our children, it’s good. It’s not as perfect as one might want it to be. It’s just the way the road went.

“I could never have ill-feeling towards her. She’s the mother if my children. There’ s no animosity, but I ‘ve moved on. I’m with someone else now and I’m very happy.”

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