NeNe Leakes Confirms Her Divorce, Says She’s Dating [Video]



For all you fellas who happen to like high maintenance chicks, NeNe Leakes is officially on the market.

Just make sure you have plenty of confidence and are financially stable…

NeNe revealed to Conan that she is now officially single and legally divorced from her husband Gregg Leakes.

With that in mind, NeNe explained her criteria:

“I’ve dated shorter guys,” she told Conan O’Brien. “Shorter guys  tend to have that boss mentality, so they like to talk to taller women, just makes them fell tall. I don’t know.”

“They gonna need their own money, now,” she emphasized. “They can’t have mine. They do need to bring something to the table. They don’t need to be super-rich, but they need to be financially stable.”

Check out the full interview:

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