Nas And Kelis Try To “Work” It Out For The Sake Of Their Son



As reported by MSDTV, Nas and Kelis were recently spotted out together at a concert.
Although the two had a very messy break-up where Kelis filed for divorce while she was 7 months pregnant and requested a generous ($50,000 a month) child support payment from Nas, it seems the two are attempting to work it out…

TMZ  reports:

Nas tells TMZ, the two are trying to put the past behind them in order to develop a healthy relationship for the benefit of their 3-year-old son Knight — but they are NOT reuniting romantically.

The rapper says they’ve been on good terms for a while now and he hopes it will continue. Nas and Kelis even grabbed dinner last night in L.A. together.

 Stay Tuned.