Has Katherine Jackson Officially Severed Ties With Joe Jackson And Banned Him From The Estate? [Rumor]

According to friends close to the family, Katherine Jackson has cut off her  husband and banned him from her home because of his cheating ways…
The Globe explains:

In a blockbuster world exclusive, GLOBE reveals Joe Jackson’s raven-haired lover, Lavinia Iskandar is just 33 years old – more than a HALF CENTURY younger than him!

And his steamy affair with the wealthy Indonesian knockout has left his ailing wife Katherine, 82, humiliated.

Heartbroken Katherine has banned Joe from her home where she’s been raising Michael’s three young kids.

“Katherine is absolutely devastated and embarassed,” an insider tells GLOBE. “She wants nothing to do with him right now. He’s not allowed inside her home and she is no longer giving him money.

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