Did Kanye West Use The Kim K. Sex Tape As A Precursor For His Bedroom Rendezvous? [Rumor]



Kanye West may be shutting down his girl’s sex tape around his fellas – but according to reports the rapper was extremely fond of the home video – so much so that he used it to help him get in the mood…

Several sources close to the Grammy Award-winning rapper are reporting that Ye apparently needed to watch Kim’s intimate in order to perform with other women. And that everytime he watched the tape, he would turn into a superior lover and go all night.

As reported by MSDTV, when Kanye first began dating Kim, he banned his crew from talking about the tape. Now it looks like it doesn’t matter anymore because he mentions it in his new song “Clique.”

A few have already begun to speculate, the real reason Yeezy didn’t want anyone in his camp talking about the sex tape is because “he didn’t want them to accidentally slip and reveal to Kim about his freaky viewing habits during sex before they became lovers.”


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