Details Emerge From The Clifton Powell Alleged Rape Case, Victim Says Powell Went By ‘Monique’


As reported by MSDTV, Clifton Powell was served with a lawsuit by a woman claiming Clifton raped her in a New Orleans hotel room.

According to documents filed, Clifton demanded the victim call him Monique during the assault…

Court House News reports:

“After the drinks at The W Hotel, both plaintiff and defendant went to The International House Hotel at 221 Camp Street, where defendant Powell was a registered guest.

“After she entered his hotel room, defendant Powell asked plaintiff to take her pants off so that he could perform oral sex, which led to a consensual sexual relation.

“Later that same day, when plaintiff and defendant Powell awoke, defendant Powell wanted to engage in sexual relations again, but plaintiff declined his offer, informing him that he was too rough with her last time.

“Defendant Powell convinced her that he would ‘take it easy’ this time.

“After a short period of consensual sex, defendant Powell’s voice began to change and he began to be rough with plaintiff and told her he wanted to be called ‘Monique.’

Plaintiff began to resist defendant Powell, which was met with physical force as he pushed her face into the mattress while choking plaintiff from behind.

“When defendant Powell began to penetrate her a*** with his fingers, plaintiff jumped away from defendant Powell and immediately told him to stop.

“Defendant Powell refused by placing his hands over her face and grasping plaintiff’s jaw, resuming v*****l penetration and continuing his sexual assault against her will and without her consent under the perceived threat of potential harm, until he was finished.”

The woman seeks medical and legal expenses and compensatory and special damages for “sexual assault, battery, and rape.”

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