Paris Jackson Says Her Aunt LaToya Is Her Biggest Supporter, Her Aunt Janet… Not So Much


Paris Jackson has apparently chosen her favorite when it comes to her aunts.

In a recent interview, the hopeful actress explained that her aunt LaToya fully supports her showbiz aspirations – while Aunt Janet could care less…

 The Daily Mail reports:

In a new interview with UK’s Glamour magazine, Paris says that LaToya has been more supportive of her aspirations to be a singer and actress.

Her admission comes after Black Cat star Janet, 46, had previously said that Paris ‘had ‘the rest of her adult life to be that actress that she wants to be. Your childhood—you completely lose’.

‘A lot of people don’t want me to do it, but Aunt La Toya believes in me,’ Paris explains in her interview.

She heard me play a little guitar and sing, and she started clapping, “Oh my God, oh my God.” She really does encourage me; it’s just awesome of her.’

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