Louisiana Woman Accuses Actor Clifton Powell Of Rape, Powell Denies Incident



Actor Clifton Powell is denying the accusations that he raped a Lousiana woman last August in a hotel room.

Unfortunately for Powell, the alleged victim – is sticking to her story and wants a cool $75k to follow…

TMZ reports:

A Louisiana woman is suing the Friday star for $75k in damages claiming Clifton raped her in a hotel room last August.

The woman, using the alias Kiyante Myers for her lawsuit, says she initially consented to sex with the actor but when things got too rough she asked Clifton to stop but he refused and held his hand over her face and forcibly raped her.

Ms. Myers reported the incident to police who conducted an investigation but concluded there was not enough evidence to prove a crime had been committed.

A rep for Clifton tellsĀ TMZ:

“Mr. Powell absolutely denies these false accusations and plans on pursuing all legal remedies available to him against his accuser.”

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