Sports: Lance Armstrong’s Cycling Teammate Reveals How Armstrong Used Blood Transfusions To Win



It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Tour De France cyclist Lance Armstrong.

After refusing to comply with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency investigation – and subsequently being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, his former U.S. Postal Service cycling teammate, Tyler Hamilton, is releasing a book that explains how Lance fooled drug testers for years.

Radar Online reports:

Lance Armstrong had blood transfusions while racing to help cover up his use of banned performance enhancing drugs. That’s just one of the stunning accusations coming in The Secret Race, by Tyle Hamilton hitting bookstores Tuesday.

The now disgraced Armstrong took advantage of a French law meant to protect Tour de France Toracers’ sleep time by barring drug testing from 10 pm to 6 am, reveals Hamilton. His team “microdosed” immediately at 10 so the drugs would be out of their systems when testing would resume at 6 am.

Armstrong, writes Hamilton, had a motorcyclist they nicknamed Motoman following USPS racers along the Tour de France route.  He carried banned erythropoietin and prepaid cellphones to discreetly set up juice drops.

Armstrong personally gave out white lunch bags with testosterone pills and drops and erythropoietin at the end of each stage in Tour de France races.

But it was the blood transfusions intended to cover up the drug use that Hamilton remembers most vividly.

“With the other stuff, you swallow a pill or put on a patch or get a tiny injection,” he writes.  “But here you’re watching a big, clear plastic bag slowly fill up with your warm, dark red blood. You never forget it.”

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