Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Head Butting Incident, Says She’s A Changed Woman [Full Interview]


After much mystery and anticipation, Evelyn Lozada open up to viewers on Friday night in her first interview since being headbutted by her husband Chad Johnson.

Lozada said it’s unfair to judge her based on her Basketball Wives person which is often seen as violent…

Evelyn tells Amy Robach from Nighline:

“I understand it, but I also think that it’s like saying, “Well, look at that woman — look at what she had on. That’s why she got raped,” you know? I just feel like…I feel it’s a little unfair, you know? Whatever the perception of me is on Basketball Wives, that doesn’t justify what happened that day, you know? That’s catty drama amongst women on a reality show.”


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