Rihanna Hoping To Land Michelle Pfeiffer’s Role In The Upcoming Scarface Remake



Rihanna is apparently working on her acting chops.

The pop singer is reported to be dead set on landing the role of Elvira Hancock in the upcoming remake of Scarface…

The Sun  reports:

ALL the hours Rihanna has dedicated to tear-ups have finally paid off.

The singer is after a part in a remake of her favorite film Scarface.

She wants the role of hard-partying Elvira Hancock, originally played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who she has described as having “ridiculous swagger”.

Universal Pictures are developing a new take on the Al Pacino classic, with a Tony Montana-style drug dealer in the 21st Century.

A source said: “Rihanna loves Scarface. Some of her music videos have been based on Michelle’s character, Elvira.

“She knows all the words and even has her walk perfected.”

Stay Tuned.