Ballin’: Oprah Winfrey Ranks #1 On Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity List [Full List]


Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has managed to stay financially on top in the midst of her OWN network struggle.

Interestingly, even though Oprah has made $125 million LESS than she made the year before and she is still the highest paid celebrity in the world…

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest-paid celebrities, and for the fourth year in a row, Oprah Winfrey has snagged the top slot; she raked in an estimated $165 million in 2011.

Following behind her at a close second is Michael Bay ($160 million) and Steven Spielberg ($130 million). Then comes Jerry Bruckheimer, Dr. Dre, Tyler Perry, and man after man after man, until we reach Britney Spears, who barely sneaks into the top 20.

Here’s Forbes’ list of the top 20 highest-paid celebrities:

1. Oprah Winfrey: $165 mill

2. Michael Bay: $160 mill

3. Steven Spielberg: $130 mill

4. Jerry Bruckheimer: $155 mill

5. Dr. Dre: $110 mill

6. Tyler Perry: $105 mill

7. Howard Stern: $95 mill

8. James Patterson: $94 mill

9. George Lucas: $90 mill

10. Simon Cowell: $90 mill

11. Glenn Beck: $80 mill

12. Elton John: $80 mill

13. Tom Cruise: $75 mill

14. Dick Wolf: $70 mill

15. Rush Limbaugh: $69 mill

16. Manny Pacquiao: $67 mill

17. Dr. Phil McGraw: $64 mill

18. Donald Trump: $63 mill

19. Ryan Seacrest: $59 mill

20. Britney Spears: $58 mill

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